Skin Care Treatments

 These Advanced Facial Treatments have been designed as the gateway to begin your journey through advanced cosmeceutical formulations and treatment opportunities - and the potential of where I can take your skin!

Skin conditions from dehydration, problem skin, teen acne through to ageing concerns and pigmentation, these Facials incorporate all the little luxuries of traditional beauty treatments but with clinical grade results!

MOISTURE SURGE    60min    $170

Inject your skin with a powerful surge of skin-plumping moisture-ceuticals to restore your skin's radiant luminosity and relieve tightness and dry skin.  See fine lines soften, tightening of skin tone and texture become softer and more supple with the inclusion of the Iontophoresis infusion system to complete this high-impact hydration Facial.  Book Now


ULTRA-CALMING    45min  $170

Irritated, sensitive skins will adore this soothing, calming and strengthening facial.  Redness, flushing, itching and burning will feel instantly calmer and look-replenished and fresh. A unique custom mask and serum delivers critical hydration to reduce trauma and swelling in the delicate skin tissues.  Perfect for Rosacea, Dermatitis and general irritated skin conditions.  Book Now


DEEP CLEAN  60min   $170

Flush toxins, reduce stress breakouts, and replenish stripped skin with this purifying, deep cleansing and revitalising facial.  Using clinically proven decongesting cosmeceuticals, Hydroxy Acids combined with anti-bacterial High-Frequency technology, your skin feels smoother, looks brighter with fewer breakouts, is more calm with long-lasting radiance days after the treatment.  Book Now


LUXE PLUS  60min   $170

Nobel Prize-winning cosmeceuticals, aromatic oils, and infusion technology deliver an unsurpassed awakening for any skin needing to take treatment results to the next level above and beyond standard facial treatments.  Skin cells are energised with rejuvenating Vitamins, Peptides, and a cocktail of power anti-oxidants to plump, hydrate and smooth your skin.  Wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone receive the TLC beyond any Deluxe Facial Treatment.  A brilliant recommendation for a pre-wedding, party, or any special occasion.  Book Now

BOTANIQUE 60min   $170

A sensory experience like no other!  Uses pure essential oils,  organic skincare formulations, and touch techniques to soothe the senses while the skin is treated for any skin concerns.  Botanical infused warm compresses, pressure point face massage and reflexology ensure you feel completely relaxed from head to toe with a revitalised and luminous skin glow - Highly recommended as a Gift Voucher experience treatment. Book Now


MAN-POWER  60min   $170

Man-skin needs its own special attention!  Using electric face brushes, antibacterial high frequency and deep cleaning and soothing skin session.  Ingrown hairs, blackheads and breakouts are purified and reduced, shaving rash soothed and lines reduced.  No pain - just gain!   Book Now