QR CODE CHECK-IN -  The NSW Government now requires all visitors and clients at The Skin Rejuvenation Suite to check in via the NSW designated QR Code system placed throughout the clinic including the reception area.  Unfortunately if this is not done correctly the clinic can be fined between $5000-$10,000 for non-compliance so your assistance complying with this system is greatly appreciated. 


****PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE CREATED YOUR SERVICE NSW ACCOUNT BEFORE COMING TO THE CLINIC**** - Additional treatment time will not be allocated for the set up of your own personal accounts.  Treatment time will be used if you require assistance and full charge for the treatment time will still apply.

HAND SANITISING IS COMPULSORY UPON ENTRY - Complimentary Hand Sanitiser is placed throughout the clinic for your use whenever required.  It is compulsory when you first enter the clinic. In, as your treatment commences your hands and feet are sanitised and cleansed with warm steam towels.


OPENING HOURS – At this stage the Clinic will be operating By Appointment Only and for Click & Collect online purchases.  ONLINE BOOKINGS ARE AVAILABLE 24 hours a day for your convenience or simply call 0423 166 505 to make an appointment.

CLICK & COLLECT IS HERE TO STAY! – Should you need any Skincare or Gift Vouchers simply order via the Online Store on the website and organise for Click & Collect.


HOME DELIVERY IS HERE TO STAY! - I appreciate everyone’s situation with the challenges of COVID-19 on us all.  To make this easy for everyone I am keeping HOME DELIVERY permanently – simply order online and choose Home Delivery for your Shipping Option. Home Delivery is on FRIDAY'S ONLY.

SOCIAL DISTANCING IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES – Unless you are having a treatment please adhere to the 1.5 metre social distancing protocols as stated by the NSW State Government.  There are the familiar 'dots' placed on the floor to help guide this distancing when in the clinic.

PPE - Disposable Face Masks are worn at all times during the treatment; disposable gloves are used where appropriate; treatment gowns, towels and bed linen is replaced for every client!  at   If you require a mask upon leaving the clinic, or gloves they are available on request.

CLEANING - Treatment Room and Reception areas are cleaned sanitised after every client.  Surfaces and common areas are wiped over with hospital grade disinfectant and sanitising spray.  Non toxic products have been used where possible to prevent skin irritations and to create a more pleasant aromatic experience during your visit.


NO LINEN IS REUSED - EVER!  Nor have I ever done so.  Every client receives a fresh gown, new hand towels, & clean bed sheet to maintain infection control as per NSW Government standards and Beauty Therapy Code of Best Practice and NSW Skin Penetration Licence requirements (all these licenses are current and up to date).


MERCHANT FEES APPLY – Please understand that Eftpos Transactions via the in-store Terminal will now have Merchant Fees passed on to you as increasing Merchant Fees can no longer be absorbed by the business with the increased costs of COVID-19 Safe Practices.

CASH ACCEPTED! - Cash is legal tender and will be accepted at all times at The Skin Rejuvenation Suite.