MINI MEDI   45min  $155

Begin your journey into Medi-Facials with this introductory gentle, moisture boosting and calming treatment with clinical grade cosmeceuticals and on demand peels. Your skin will feel softer, notably more luminous and vibrantly refreshed.  Book Now


To celebrate the launch of COSMEDIX BrillianCy Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil, The SRS has curated a LIMITED EDITION skin treatment to infuse your skin with megadoses of Vitamin C to brighten, protect and invigorate your skin.  Includes Power C Peel, LED, Hand Arm & Shoulder Massage, High Potency C serum & Masking therapy, Triple C Eye Bright Treatment finished with a lashing of COSMEDIX Skin Thirst Moisturising Hyaluronic Acid Cream and C Powder Booster Lightweight moisture to seal and protect your skin.  Book Now


AGE LESS   75min   $190

Age-Less integrates powerful Hydroxy Acid and corrective cosmeceutical technology to target wrinkles, fine lines, loss of skin volume and tone while injecting a replenishing boost of nourishment and hydration.  A specialised treatment mask is blended with age-defying serums, plant nutrients and skin regenerating peptides to deliver unsurpassed results for even the most challenging ageing skin conditions.  Book Now


BRIGHTEN UP   75min   $190

This truly remarkable and unique breakthrough treatment takes a clinical approach to all pigmentation concerns.  Brown spots, hormonal pigmentation, and generally uneven skin colour are targeted with specific clinical peels and concentrated doctors grade cosmeceuticals to target the pathways of pigment production revealing a more fresh, bright, and even complexion.  Book Now


RED LESS    60min      $190

This ultra-soothing, comforting, corrective yet gentle treatment uses powerful skin rejuvenation and resurfacing Lactic Acid to deliver superior yet gentle results for the most sensitive skins.  Skin-soothing and conditioning cosmeceuticals reveal a calmer and even complexion with integrated Healite 2 LED photo-therapy to seal the skin and boost immune function.   Book Now


PURITY DETOX    75min     $190

No matter what your age, if your skin has spots, excessive oiliness or clogged pores, this Medi-facial will fast-track your quest for pure, clear, healthy-looking skin.  Using decongesting and deep cleansing clinical strength Hydroxy Acids, this facial cleanses stubborn clogged pores to prevent further breakouts.  Ultra purifying plant extracts penetrate deep into the skin layers to detoxify, calm with reduced blemishes, revealing a smoother and shine-free finish.  Book Now


OXY BOOSTER    75min       $190

This powerful oxygenating Medi-Facial is the 'Go To' facial when your skin needs a surge of intense moisture replenishment with a mega-dose of antioxidants.  Fine lines are reduced, dull skin brightened and results in a skin that feels supple, plump, and velvet smooth.  With the inclusion of On Demand Skin Peel your skin radiates a clarity of perfection.  Highly recommended as the 'Power Flash' for such as weddings, formals, or red carpet events.  Includes Healite 2 LED Photo-therapy and Professional Sheet Mask.  Book Now