GLOSS & CO Nail Care Pack - Nourishing Cuticle Oil & Rescue My Nails

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Are your nails chipping or flaking? Or perhaps they're just not themselves after the filing and prep work associated with gels and acrylics? We love these products too, but sometimes we just need our nails to look and feel naturally healthier and stronger.

Packed with eco-vitamins and botanicals designed to deliver an overdose of nourishment and goodness to your nails and nail beds, our Rescue My Nails coupled with highly nurturing and deliciously scented Cuticle Oil will have your damaged nails in tip top shape in no time. Start with a light buff of your nails and apply Rescue My Nails a few times per week with our Cuticle Oil mornings and nights. Both products work hard to deliver the much needed moisture and vitamin actives to deliver healthier natural nails fast.

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