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4 EASY steps to healthy skin


When I was pregnant I read one of the most useful, simple and insightful baby books I think has ever been written!

The book was based around the premise that there are 4 reasons why a baby gets unsettled and when you address each of these four causes, one of them was always bang on correct!

I couldn't believe how many hours and how much money I'd wasted on reading these encyclopedia'esque baby books that waffled on about this and that but never really answered any of my BUT WHY? questions.

I decided that this framework was so effective when dealing with the unpredictability of babies that I have applied this to my practise when consulting with my clients about their skin and their concerns.

Each time I consult with a client I address the 4 most important key steps to maintaining a healthy skin. Every time I go through these core 4 steps there is always a tweak we can make to improve the overall health of their skin or change the overall condition of it.

Skin Health is NOT about skin perfection. In fact imperfection is perfection in my eyes. Our skin is like a fingerprint, it's so unique to each individual and the goals should always be to get your skin to the best standard of health and optimal function it can be based on intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute to our skin condition.


1. Cleansing AM & PM with Happy Birthday. As the skin ages we tend to over moisturise and under-cleanse. Big mistake! The skin requires the same amount of cleansing no matter how old we are. The average person cleanses less than 10 seconds but we need at least 60 seconds to achieve thorough make-up removal and removal of skin impurities.

My Expert Tip - sing Happy Birthday to yourself twice through when cleansing your skin to reach that 60 seconds and watch the changes that happen to the appearance of your skin form this simple step enhancement.

2. Exfoliate at least 2 x week. Your skin naturally exfoliates itself every single day. In fact up to 80% of your house hold dust is made up of you and your families dead skin cells! As your skin ages your skin's ability to shed these dead cells is reduced significantly which causes a dull appearance to the skin, clogged pores and poor absorption of products which can lead to your skin feeling drier than usual. Top up your exfoliation to at least 2 x week for optimal skin health.

My Expert Tip - If you have sensitive skin, rosacea, or broken capillaries avoid face scrubs all together and opt for a non-abrasive hydroxy acid leave-on formulation. My personal recommendation is Aspect's Exfol L-15 with chirally correct Lactic Acid and soothing and calming Canadian Willow herb effortlessly and gently resurfaces the skin while you sleep!

3. Moisturise AM and PM with correct weight Moisturiser. Time and time again this is the area where most self-prescribing client go wrong. Due to lack of education in the general marketplace of beauty and skincare there is often a myth that if your skin feels 'dry' you need a heavy weight moisturiser. But what is 'dry'? There are 2 types of dryness in the skin. Water dryness and oil dryness. If you have oily skin it's highly likely your skin is water dry if it feels 'dry'. Hydrating serums containing Hyaluronic Acid bond water into the skin to soften the texture and relieve surface tension or water 'dryness'. When skin is oil dry there is no surface suppleness, oiliness or shine to the skin. In this case a nourishing moisturiser or heavier weight is required.

My Expert Tip - spread your moisturiser between your fingertips then apply product to the forehead, cheeks, neck, chin, nose bridge then blend. This method ensures you get your money's worth and don't waste your product.

4. Sun Protection. As old as this song is, education regarding the importance of applying SPF is still not getting through. If you are concerned with ageing, pigmentation and maintaining your youthful skin, SPF is the most critical step. Opt for an SPF that has quality conditioning ingredients. AVOID mineral oil based formulas they will congest, clog and dehydrate the skin. The cheaper the product the cheaper the base formula in which the SPF in blended. My absolute hands down favourite is Aspect Envirostat SPF50 with a handy key ring for convenient on the go use. If you love a tinted SPF then you cannot go past the 5-in-1 anti-ageing formula of Revision Skincare's Intellishade SPF 45 or Colorescience Total Protection Sunforgettable Brush with an SPF 30 available in 4 shades.

My Expert Tip - Top up your SPF every 2 hours if in direct sunlight alternatively every 4 hours for optimal protection. Have a tube of Sunforgettable or Revision Skincare's Intellishade in your hand bag for that on the go freshly topped up glow!

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