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dirty make-up brushes are NOT helping your breakouts!


At least once a week I treat a skin with breakout concerns. Usually the tell tale sign that I need to investigate the old make-up brush care is when I see the classic 'blushline' breakouts.

One of the biggest extrinsic (external) factors that contributes to breakouts and stubborn congestion is the tools we use to apply our daily make-up - yep those brushes!

Often those brushes have been in the collection for over 2 years and have probably been cleaned, well no one ever really remembers.

Many cosmetics contain comedogenic ingredients. This means they are ingredient that cause blackhead congestion and ultimately chronic breakouts. Check out labelling before you buy your make-up and avoid the following;

- Isopropyl Myristate

- Mineral Oil

- D&C Reds

- Mica

Daily application of these ingredients build up in your make-up brushes. Build up leads to caking of these ingredients and caking often comes with trapped moisture droplets.

Bacteria loves moisture so any small droplet of moisture trapped inside caked make-up brushes is going to be reapplied! Ewwwwwwww!


Step 1 Pick a day of the week to clean your brushes e.g Sundays are good to start the week afresh! If you love your make-up and lean towards a heavier application then perhaps clean your brushes twice a week.

Step 2 Use your face cleanser to clean your brushes. Mix some cleanser into warm water and let the brushes sit in the bowl to soak for a few minutes to help un-cake all the makeup.

Step 3 Swish the brushes in the water to dislodge the caked make-up especially foundation if you use a foundation brush to apply liquid foundation formulas.

Step 4 Rinse the brushes with warm water until the water runs clear. Repeat steps 1 -4 if there is a build up of make-up in the brush fibres. If too caked my advise is throw them out and buy new ones!

Step 5 Let the brushes dry in the sunshine to give them some UV anti-bacterial treatment

For clean, pure, breathable and non-comedogenic formulas as your make--up I choose to recommend Colorescience Mineral Makeup.

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