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fab-ruary! - Drab to fab in 28 days!

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Join in the 28 days of Wellness, Skin Health & Fun!

The Festive Season is well and truly over - thank goodness!

I don't know about you but the Festive Season/January period is one of the busiest months of the year in my social calendar especially when family and friends come to stay for a few days #myhomeisanairbnb .

But the visitors are not the problem, the problem is that all of my well established daily wellness and skincare rituals and go flying out the window with my well established eating habits, daily rituals for maintaining my health and wellness.

Fab-ruary is all about getting back on track sooner than later. Not just for physical and mental health but for the largest organ of our bodies, our skin. Your skin performs 7 core functions for maintaining our body's health, yet we treat it like a wet weather jacket that requires very little attention.

Start thinking about your skin with the same respect and caution you do for your heart, lungs or bones.

So join me this Fab-ruary for a celebration of all things skin, health and wellness. There are 28 days of health and wellness tips and tricks, treatment recommendations, Skincare Tips , Facebook LIVE's of Treatments, Giveaways and Competitions to enjoy!

Start preparing now by downloading your Free Fab-ruary 7-Day Skin Health Planner NOW!

I cannot wait to start this journey with you and see the results you can achieve for your own personal skin health goals.



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