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winter skin super soakers

Winter Skin is thirsty skin! Don't leave it to battle the elements without some super soaker serums!

Tight, dry, flaky, dull and ruddy skin is the telltale sign Winter is here! Recent milder weather has tricked me into a little bit of skin complacency with those warm sunny days. NOT THIS WEEK!

Wind gusts, icy conditions - awesome if you love to go skiing - has felt like my face has shrivelled up like a little sultana. I'm guessing I'm not alone right?

It's time to turbo charge skin care routines whether you are a basic skin care user or a fully fledged product layering guru.

Here is your shortcut to my 2 FAVOURITE SKIN SUPER SOAKER must haves this Winter to mega dose your skin's moisture levels, secure its barrier function and replenish your skin like a glow pro.

1. SERUMS. Serums are without a doubt one of the best ways to super dose your skin with added moisturising factors, protective antioxidants and weather defensive anti inflammatories.

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most abundant proteins in your skin and gives it the radiant soft and supple feel due to its lush watery, jelly like consistency. When topically applied HA acts like a super strength magnet to bind water into your skin to prevent it evaporating.

Look for multi weighted HA formulas so you get multiple layering of hydration rather than just a sticky surface effect on your skin. Aspect Hydrating Serum is a delicious non-sticky ultra hydrating HA formula that just melts into thirsty dehydrated skins. A blend of high molecular and low molecular weight forms of hyaluronic acid that help to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. An added dose of Niacinamide, Vitamin B3, helps maintains hydration and nurtures skin through volatile weather conditions supported by a soothing dose of oil soluble Vitamin C to illuminate and protect your skin - tick!

Essential Fatty Acids are an absolute must when it comes to protecting your skin during the harsh elements of Winter. EFA's support the delicate cell walls of your skin and keeps the skin feeling silky smooth and comfortable. They act as moisture retainers, anti inflammatories to reduce flushing, broken capillaries and a ruddy looking complexion. Sea Buckthorn Oil is a rich nutrient dense EFA that drastically reduces redness in the skin while strengthening the skin. Aspect Red-Less 21 serum is the powerhouse of skin protectant EFA's to reduce inflammation, soothe and comfort wind burned skin and provide a protective shield for Rosacea and sensitised skins.

Antioxidants swaddle the skin with a bioactive shield to repel, destroy and deactivate the harsh chemical compounds in our internal and external environment known as free radicals. FR's are the biggest contributor to accelerated skin ageing and sensitised skin conditions. Derived from fruits, vegetables, plants and marine sources, these little guys are non-negotiables when it comes to treating Winter beaten skin. My go-to is Aspect Super PD Complex

2. MOISTURISERS. Ok this is where I get a little firm on my recommendations here. Think of your moisturiser as the lid on a pot of the best homemade soup or stew you can imagine. If you leave the lid off that stew what happens? Yuh! Dry, tasteless goo. Your skin is the same, well not goo, but it needs a lid to hold all the nutrients and moisture factors in so the elements around us don't suck it all out! Cheap is exactly that when it come to moisturisers. That's not to say the more it costs the better it is because there is some very expensive in effective moisturisers out there in the market. You want to look for multi-functional technology in the moisturising formula and choose the weight that is right for your skin. If you lean toward the very dry end of the spectrum choose multi-oiled formulas that have different weights of conditioning oils to ensure deep and surface moisturising not just a thick goop of oil on the surface. In addition make sure it contains those antioxidants and EFA's as above to secure the delicate barrier of very dry skins. My top dry skin formulas my clients can't live without are Aspect Superior Moisture Cream, Societe Calming Relief Balm, Cosmedix Rescue + Intense Hydrating Balm & Mask and Cosmedix Humidify.

Oily skin still needs a moisturiser people! Remember the lid analogy? Imagine a pot of boiling water with no lid! That is what happens to an oily skin with no lid! Intense moisture evaporation which leads to that very confusing sensation of being oily but dry - it's water dryness you are experiencing. Protect and stay matte with Cosmedix Shineless oil free moisturiser formulated with Lilac Stem Cells that help control and balance excess oil. Shineless helps firm, smooth and brighten the appearance of skin without the added shine. Niacinamide, a form of vitamin b3, helps improve skin texture and tone, while D-Trehalose helps provide lasting hydration without making skin feel oily or greasy. Say hello to a softer, clearer, more supple-looking complexion - tick!


DRY JULY...Not for Your Skin!


Purchase 2 of your favourite ASPECT Serums and you receive your favourite ASPECT or COSMEDIX Moisturiser FREE!* *T&C's apply.

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