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winter skin wake-up call

July Signals Serious Upgrade in Skincare Routines to Harness The Mid-Winter Skin Chill


JULY MEANS 2 THINGS - New Financial Year and Dryness!

With our primal brain crying for some cosy cave time, the human body is now in a state of primal rest and sleep, hence why it is so hard to peel off those cosy doonas of a morning and needing that extra coffee in your day.

Skin has also slowed down significantly in its ability to regenerate which results in dull, lacklustre, and very dry skin conditions.



When the bodies natural processes have slowed this affects the speed of your skin cell shedding (natural desquamation process). Dead skin cells stay on your skin for longer which affects the ability of light to reflect off your skin and in turn creates a very dull appearance.


When the dead skin also build up inside your pores (hair follicles), this causes more blockages and black heads to form as the dead skin become trapped inside the follicles.


Fine Lines and skin creepiness increases during Winter especially mi-winter as the humidity in the air dries up. Partner this will poor light reflection from your skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is dramatically increased.


Nothing screams Winter more than a cold days with high winds and low humidity. Skin starts to flake and become irritated from the constant trauma of being literally weather beaten. If you suffer from Eczema or Dermatitis these weather will further aggravate the irritation and sensitivity in quite a viscous cycle.


Your skin just can't get enough moisture! The heavy thick creams just don't seem to be doing the job right? The skin requires a complex of hydrating an moisturising factors to combat Winter dryness. One of the challenges starts with the fact we tend to drink less water during winter as-well! Internal body dryness and external weather are two major contributors to severe dry skin, especially in Winter.



Start using more sophisticated forms if exfoliation in Winter than just the good old scrubs. Opt for leave-on Hydroxy Acid formulas, my favourite at this time of year is Lactic Acid. Why? Lactic Acid perform over 12 important skin functions in addition to exfoliation. Some of those benefits important for treating Winter skin is that it is incredibly soothing for sensitive skins, increases your skin own moisturising factors, regulates melanin production and speeds up cell renewal and your natural exfoliation process. Opt for chirally correct L-Lactic Acid as in Aspects Exfol L15. This leave-on over night formulas leaves your skin silky smooth, less blackheads, more luminous and primed for maximum absorption of your treatment serums and moisturisers that follow.


I cannot emphasise enough how important supplementing your skin your high performance serums is during Winter. There is only so much work a moisturiser can do! Serums perform a specific task and are concentrated for targeted to combatting the most challenging skin conditions. Used am and pm your skin soaks up these nutrients to perform at its optimal levels delivering a more radiant, healthy and rejuvenated appearance. My personal favourites are Red-Less 21 by Aspect for its ultra-soothing and conditioning of irritated skin, Aspects Hydrating Serum with it's super dose of skin drenching moisture rich Hyaluronic Acid to smooth fine lines and boost skin luminosity, Societe Triple C Serum or Aspect's Extreme C20 for soothing, calming and powerful anti oxidant protection while stimulating the skin natural collagen synthesis for firmer and more radiant appearance and fewer wrinkles.


Oh how that Balm gets a beating in Winter! How many lip balms have you got? I have 4, one in the bedside drawer, one in my handbag, one in my glovebox and one in my jacket pocket. Lips cop an absolute belting in Winter so keep them sealed with balms and masks that actually work! Look for multi-functional performers like Cosmedix Enhance Lip Plumping Mask, an ultra-nourishing lip-plumping mask treatment that drastically conditions lips for a smoother, softer, fuller-looking pout. Formulated with a unique blend of high-performance oils and natural emollients, Enhance delivers intense hydration and helps restore maximum moisture for pillowy soft, more defined-looking lips, with super slick metal applicator nib to ensure you get every last smidge of goodness. Societe Calming Relief Balm is a must for everyone to have on hand! • Helps reduce the appearance of redness, calms inflammation, reduces skin irritations of all kinds, soothes tenderness and sensitivity from wind burn and chaffing, helps eliminating dryness and flakiness. It's such a winner for the whole family! Excellent remedy when skiing, surfing or mountain climbing in the Winter Chill! Top off your lip care with the SPF30 Lip Shine from Colorescience to prevent cold sores during Winter blasts.

Aspect Gold SMC Cream - rich, hydrating and decadently nourishing


Moisturising is a not negotiable during winter even if you have oily skin! The skin is made up of a mixture of oil and water when it comes to moisturising itself. Some have us have more or oil, some less. Oily skin will need to boost their hydrating factors, aka serums such as using Aspects Hydrating Serum to help bind more water content in the skin without it feeling greasy. Oil-dry skin will need to get the heavy weights into the picture. Look for formula's rich in Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and moisture binding peptide technology such as Cosmedix Emulsion, Humidify, or Aspect Gold SMC Cream.


Masking is a dying ritual when it comes to skincare at home. But let's shake that habit off and start masking again! Sleep Masks are such a great way to include masking in your skincare regiment, it is just like putting on a moisturiser but it's an intensive mask treatment to condition and comfort your skin in Winter, while you sleep! My absolute favourite is Cosmedix Restore Mask full of peptides for rejuvenation while the Mango Seed Butter and Squalene provide rich moisture protection, skin feel baby soft and supple. Another winner is Aspect's Probiotic Sleep Mask which provides intense nourishment and hydration with the added benefits of probiotics to optimise skins functions and hydration!


Whatever you do, do not forget to amp up your treatment of your eye area. Eyes are the first place to show the ravage of cold Winter months so keep them well hydrated and conditioned to perfection to prevent fine lines and wrinkles being more obvious. Serious eye care workhorses I cannot live without are Cosmedix Opti Crystal, the #1 bestselling luxe Liquid Crystal Eye Serum specially formulated with powerhouse ingredients to help radically reduce the look of dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes. Use an eye mask during the week to focus on some serious re-hydration with the Societe Peptide Gel Masks for the Eyes. These hardworking gel sheet masks, target the three main eye concerns. An instant cooling effect helps waken tired looking eyes by minimising the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, while anti-aging ingredients address fine lines and wrinkles to restore youthful looking skin.

Most importantly whatever you choose as your preferred option for taking care of your skin this Winter, consistency is key. Ensure your skin receives that extra bit of attention every morning and evening because when Summer arrives you will be so happy you did.

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