Corrective Skin Peels

Why apply harsh, damaging chemicals to your skin if a soothing and rejuvenating therapy is readily available and proven to enhance your skin's appearance?  While traditional chemical peels destroy healthy skin tissue to achieve their results, these innovative, non-traumatic peels stimulate healthy change in the skin to create a beautiful, renewed complexion with next to no downtime. 




The perfect peel to fast track your way to clear, healthy skin.  Combining BHA's with an Anti-Acne Active System, this peel penetrates deep into the pores to clear impurities, bacteria and remove dead skin build-up.  This results in a powerful skin renewal that sees your complexion become clearer, smoother and noticeably blemish-free with every treatment and is perfect for Teen Skin!  Book Now


This gentle, metabolic treatment offers exfoliation with Lactic Acid and Retinol to help reduce the look of ageing skin and to help unveil a brighter and suppler looking complexion. With the addition of Raspberry Oil, which is known to naturally absorb UV radiation, this treatment also helps protect the skin from future damage post-treatment. Book Now


This decongesting and clarifying peel uses the added boost of chirally correct Retinol to unclog stubborn congestion to soften and smooth the skin surface while a blend of AHA's & BHA's detoxify and exfoliate preventing further breakouts.  Potent anti-oxidants soothes breakouts and assists in the healing and rejuvenation of the deeper layer of the skin.  

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Pigmentation meets its match with this concentrated dose of skin brightening cosmeceuticals in this corrective skin peel.  Combining BHA's, a unique Multi-fruit blend and skin-lightening Vitamin C, superficial skin discolouration is lifted away while speeding up the cell renewal process to reveal a glowing, more even-toned and radiant skin.  Book Now



This anti-inflammatory and intensely hydrating peel soothes and strengthens fragile and hypersensitive skins.  Contains a potent synergy of anti-oxidants, gentle acids, Vitamin C and Retinol to combat dehydration, pigmentation and, congestion while brightening the skin tone and reducing redness and sensitivity.  Skin is calmer, clearer and glowing with vitality and pure health.  Book Now



Fine lines, wrinkles, dull, muddy complexions and Fine lines, wrinkles, rough and lacklustre skin, enlarged pores and time damaged skin cannot but surrender to this powerful skin rehabilitative peel!  A blend of chirally correct Vitamin A, Lactic Acid and rich botanical calmatives work in synergy to deliver the most spectacular anti-ageing, brightening, tightening and skin-perfecting results - unbeatable!  Book Now


PLEASE NOTE - Some Corrective Peels require skin preparation treatment before commencing the Peel.  A Complimentary Skin Consultation is highly recommended.  Book Now


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