Sensitive Skin - Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatitis, Red Inflammed Reactive Conditions

Sensitive and reactive skin conditions are one of the most undertreated skin conditions resulting from lack of therapist knowledge of the structure and functions of sensitive skins and incorrect treatment and product recommendations.  

With the correct treatment approach, chirally correct formulations and corrective technology any sesntive skin condition is treatable and in many cases corrected.

Common causes are genetics, environment, incorrect product usage and recommendation, chronic dehydration, hormones and stress (the biggest contributor).

See the reduction in redness, soothing of inflammation and significant reduction and in most cases eradication of reactive irritation disappear from the first treatment. 

Aroma'tique Performance Facial 60min (Organic) 

$160    Book

Ultra-Calming Medi-Facial 60min  

$185   Book

Corrective Peel 30min

starts from $119   Book

Healite 2 LED Rejuvenation 30min

$89    Book

Corrective Peel & Healite 2 LED Combo 45min

starts from $145   Book